• Keto Friendly
  • Paleo Friendly
  • 15g Collagen Peptides from Grass-Fed Beef
  • 3g Fat (MCTs)
  • 0g Carbs
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free
  • Contains: COCONUT


Health Benefits

Keto COLLAGEN—from Grass-Fed Beef

Keto COLLAGEN is the perfect collagen-boosting superfood powder for those following a ketogenic diet and lifestyle or anyone looking to experience the power of grass-fed beef collagen combined with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut.

Perfect for the weekend warrior, busy executive, student, “super Mom or Dad” raising an active family, or anyone looking to support healthy joints, skin and digestive function.†

Keto COLLAGEN is formulated to take your performance to the next level!


The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat and moderate-protein diet that shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones, putting the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In short, it positions the body to burn fat as fuel.

Keto COLLAGEN provides a healthy helping of collagen peptides from grass-fed, beef PLUS medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut.

First up . . . COLLAGEN

Nutrition & Ingredients


Do you know what keeps you from falling apart? Collagen. Why? Because collagen literally functions to hold you together, while also supporting health, depending on the type or types of collagen consumed.

However, the truth is that most of us don’t consume enough collagen in our diets. That can be a problem, too, since collagen levels start to taper off in the body beginning as early as age 20.

So, if you want to keep yourself together, then I believe you need to make sure you get enough collagen in your diet.


First of all, there have been at least 29 different types of collagens discovered in the body.

Collagen is a protein made up of building blocks called amino acids and is so important that it makes up approximately 30 percent of all the proteins in the body, and different bodily systems and organs need specific proteins serving a variety of functions.

Proteins that perform such “functions” can be called “functional proteins.

There are also other proteins which are termed “structural proteins.” They’re the ones which contribute to as well as sustain the soundness of the human structure.

Collagen is a member of both protein camps because it supports the function and the structure of the body.

Likewise, it’s found only in animals, mostly in the connective tissue, and it’s the second most common substance in the body—trailing only water. It functions to help support healthy skin, and it also plays a role in healthy hair and nails.†

Collagen is also found throughout the body— in bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, among other areas.  While collagen is found in numerous tissues in many forms, it is especially plentiful within and around our joints via cartilage. Truth be told, collagen makes up to  95 percent of joint cartilage.

Generally speaking, when there’s enough collagen in the body, then we can “keep ourselves together” and humming along.


Beef collagen, also known as bovine collagen, is a naturally occurring protein. It provides Type I and Type III collagen. Type I collagen is among the most abundant collagen found in the human body and forms collagen fibers.Type III collagen frequently works in tandem with Type I collagen.

Together, Types I and III collagen constitute approximately 90 percent of the collagen found in the body.

They are composed of 19 amino acids which support bodily health, and include generally high  amounts of the amino acids glycineand proline plus hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine.

Before going any further, here’s more about glycine and proline.


Glycine is a main component of collagen, and is a non-essential amino acid, meaning that the body can produce it on its own when given the proper diet. Glycine is also the smallest amino acid size-wise, but it can directly affect the body.


Proline is also a non-essential amino acid which can be synthesized by the body through the breakdown of glutamate. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and when the body gets sufficient amounts of complete proteins from the diet, then it has the right kinds and amounts of amino acids to produce proline.

But Keto COLLAGEN isn’t just any old beef collagen, it’s collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef!

Since cattle are literally born to eat grass, pasture-raised cattle given access to pasture at the peak of nutrition are healthier than cattle fed strictly grains and kept in confinement.

Keto COLLAGEN also provides a nourishing fats called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut, and they’re amazing fats.

Truth be told, MCTs are more popular than ever as they are known as fats that are easily digested and go straight to the liver, supporting a healthy metabolism and used as energizing FUEL instead of being stored as fat.†

While there are four primary MCTs contained in coconut, Keto COLLAGEN focuses on caprylic acid which is believed to be the most powerful MCT when it comes to supporting your body’s natural creation. Caprylic acid also known as (C 8) has been shown to support a healthy microbial balance within your gut.†

Product Overview


  •  Supports healthy joints†
  •  Promotes healthy skin†
  •  Supports healthy digestive function†

So, try Keto COLLAGEN today—and take your performance to the next level!

Whether you’ve embraced the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, are seeking the power of grass-fed beef collagen combined with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), are a “super Mom or Dad” raising a family, a weekend warrior, student, or busy executive—Keto COLLAGEN is for you!

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